How to MATCH numbers formatted as text in Excel

You will sometimes encounter errors while trying to MATCH or LOOKUP data in Excel if your numbers are formatted as numbers in one of your tables, and as text in another table. While special formats are available in Excel, they are relatively rarely used and are limited. Some “numbers” such as identification numbers are more often stored as text. This is done in order to add leading zeros, hyphens and other characters to that numbers. However, if we try to

Date and Time in Excel

How are date and time stored and formatted? In our previous section, we’ve already established that, no matter how date and/or time is formatted and possibly edited, underlying values saved in cells are still decimal numbers. Let’s expand on that. Excel era starts on January 1, 1900. If we enter number 1 in the cell and format it as date, the date we will see is in fact January 1, 1900. Zero will provide for a nonexistent date of January

Text in Excel

Text-related features Excel may have a reputation for crunching numbers, but text formatted data such as names, addresses and descriptions is often encountered. Excel is also often used for processing data from wide variety of unrelated databases, applications and web sites. With those, issues such as numbers formatted as text, text formatted as numbers, multiple text fields combined into a single cell and broken tables are not uncommon. Further complicating things, Excel functions designed to manipulate text formatted data are