SUMIFS criteria: formulas, functions and conditional statements

We’ve previously established the rules for writing criteria in the SUMIFS function: we can reference any cell we can enter any number directly into the function we can enter text directly in the function, nested inside quotation marks “” a logical test is nested inside of quotation marks “”, with the comparison operator coming first and a number second. We will further expand on the topic in this article. Formulas and functions can also be nested in SUMIFS criteria. If needed,

Numbers in Excel

How are numbers stored, formatted and calculated? When dealing with numbers in Excel, we should be aware of a few things: numbers in Excel can be formatted in many ways: plain numbers, currency, percentage, date, etc. no matter how they are formatted and possibly edited, underlying values saved in cells are still decimal numbers those decimal numbers that Excel uses and calculates with go up to 15 decimal places (and even with that, there are caveats) this is not changed even