Rounding Numbers in Excel

Excel supports several similar but different functions that round numbers. Those functions will enable us to perform the following operations: * negative midpoint numbers are rounded away from zero, and not properly half-rounded up (towards positive) **the rounding direction is undefined for midpoint numbers, both rounding up and down can happen   The ROUND function rounds a number to a specified number of digits. The ROUND function syntax is as follows: = ROUND ( number ; num_digits ) The ROUND

Generate a random date and/or time

Generating random dates and/or timestamps in Excel is the same as generating any other random number. Keep in mind that no matter how dates and/or timestamps are formatted and possibly edited, the underlying values saved in cells are decimal numbers. Number 1, formatted as a date, will represent January 1, 1900. 44.916 will represent December 21, 2022. 44.916,888111 will be representing December 21, 2022, at 9:18 PM.   Date and/or time stamps should be generated between two dates (within a

Conditional statements

IF function basics Conditional statements, conditional expressions, conditional processing, IF-THEN, or IF-THEN-ELSE are all names for a programming concept where conditions are tested and actions are performed if conditions are met. If a certain condition is met, something is calculated. If that certain condition is not met, either nothing happens or something else is calculated. In Excel, when conditions are met, something is TRUE. When conditions are not met, something is FALSE. TRUE and FALSE are logical values. You will

Numbers in Excel

How are numbers stored, formattedĀ and calculated? When dealing with numbers in Excel, we should be aware of a few things: numbers in Excel can be formatted in many ways: plain numbers, currency, percentage, date, etc. no matter how they are formatted and possibly edited, underlying values saved in cells are still decimal numbers those decimal numbers that Excel uses and calculates with go up to 15 decimal places (and even with that, there are caveats) this is not changed even