Custom Icons for Conditional Formatting

With conditional formatting, among other things, we can join indication icons to our numbers. While we can rearrange available icons as we wish, choice of available icons is fairly limited: In particular, while Green Arrow Up and Red Arrow Down are available, we don’t have available often requested Green Arrow Down and Red Arrow Up. We can expand our choice of icons with the help of the Wingdings fonts – a series of fonts that render characters as a variety

Conditional calculations

IF functions for cell ranges In our previous section we’ve primarily dealt with testing conditions inside of a row, i.e. one or more cells in that row, and returning some kind of a result based on conditions in that row. While that is useful when we want to add something new to our rows, we will often have to deal with retrieving data based on criteria from whole ranges of cells, sometimes containing thousands of rows and columns. IF function

Conditional statements

IF function basics Conditional statements, conditional expressions, conditional processing, IF-THEN or IF-THEN-ELSE are all names for a programming concept where conditions are tested and actions are performed if conditions are met. If a certain condition is met, something is calculated. If that certain condition is not met, either nothing happens, or something else is calculated. In Excel, when conditions are met, something is TRUE. When conditions are not met, something is FALSE. TRUE and FALSE are logical values. They are